Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grant Writing 101

Missed the workshop? Never fear, the notes are below.

·         Basic Steps
o   Keep synopsis short and avoid overly complicated jargon
o   Start small. Larger grants require more time investment and materials (board approval, etc.)
o   Read requirements carefully. Don’t get disqualified because of information you don’t have or can’t get.
o   Brand your program with a catchy name. People like to get on a fun bandwagon.
o   Develop your program. Don’t ask for stuff. Ask for help to implement an idea that just so happens to need stuff.
o   Provide measurable goals and objectives. How will this impact your population? What kind of recognition should the grantors expect?
§  Utilize student or community surveys
§  Add a social media component

·         Crowdsourcing – These are sites that allow you to ask multiple donors for mini-donations towards a larger goal
·         Components of a Good Proposal
o   Program Overview
§  Include a list of activities that support your program
§  Establish a need
o   Population
§  Use keywords that highlight a need
·         Economically disadvantaged
·         Free and reduced lunch
·         High poverty/high crime area
o   Impact
o   Timeline
§  Use bullet points that highlight what you’ll do 4 weeks from start date, 2 weeks from start date, etc.

o   Budget