The School Library Media Center (SLMC) serves to support and enhance the educational goals of the South Atlanta High School curriculum with respect to the individual interests and ability levels of all students.
It shall be the goal of the School Library Media Center to:
§  Respect the student’s Freedom to Read 
§  Protect the Intellectual Freedom of each student
§  Provide materials that represent the diversity of thought in the human experience
§  Promote independent and life-long learning in every student

Library Rules

1. Have a purpose and stick to it
2. Try twice and then ask for help
3. Ask until you understand
4. Be respectful of others
5. Leave with what you need

Rules for Computer Use

1. Respect the privacy of other library users during their computer sessions.
2. Illegal or unethical use of the Internet is prohibited. The library cooperates fully with authorities wishing to prosecute criminals.
3. Sending lewd or threatening e-mail messages is prohibited.
4. Sending unsolicited e-mail messages to large numbers of people is prohibited.
5. Playing games other than those expressly permitted by the Media Specialist/School Librarian is strictly prohibited.
6. Damaging or altering computer hardware or software is prohibited and offenders will be reprimanded severely, up to and including replacement of software or hardware and expulsion.
7. Students may not attempt to circumvent or compromise the security of any host, network, or account. This includes but is not limited to probing the security of other networks, logging into a server or account that the customer is not expressly authorized to access, or masquerading as another person in order to obtain access to their account.
8. The Library makes no guarantees about and is not responsible for the security of information transmitted and received during your wireless Internet session. Wireless signals can be intercepted and cables can be tapped.
9. While using library computers, students are expected to abide by policies regarding food, drink, and behavior, as outlined in the South Atlanta  High School Library Conduct Policy.


All Printed Materials Are Subject To RANDOM Plagiarism Checks. Plagiarized assignments will not be printed. All accused students have the right to a full plagiarism report, provided at no cost.

Assignments with Red Flags will be subject to a mandatory plagiarism check.
Red Flags:
·       Underlined vocabulary words
·       Differing font or text size in body text
·       Obvious and glaring changes in writing style and composition

Plagiarism is….
An attempt to take credit for someone else’s work, whether that be professional or amateur. It includes copying and pasting information from the internet or print materials and failing to provide citations and page numbers.