Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cell Phones for Survivors

The Book Club is collecting cell phones to support Safe Horizons, an organization that assists women in crisis because of domestic violence. come to the Media Center if you have questions.

Oculus is ready to change the game with virtual reality

Moments before Oculus Story Studio's new virtual reality short Lost reached its satisfying climax, I found myself in a compromised position. Sequestered in a private demo booth, I was involuntarily crouched down, covering my head in a defensive position and, I should add, squealing with delight. Lost, the first computer-animated work to come from Oculus VR's new film-innovation lab, is unlike any form of interactive entertainment I've ever experienced. And it succeeds in one very crucial respect: It's endearing.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Homework Hotline

At South Atlanta there really isn't a reason to fall behind with resources like the Homework Hotline, After School Tutorial and offered through your public library. If you have questions about how to utilize any of these resources ask Mrs. Miles in the library.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Do Something this January

Do Something this year. Every student has to complete volunteer hours and and every year there is a mad dash to get those hours in wherever there is a last minute opportunity. How about do something you really care about? Check out Pick a service project and make it happen. You'll make the world a better place and do something you actually care about.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Poetry Out Loud

It's that time again!

Poetry Out Loud is the national poetry recitation contest held every year at South Atlanta. Students must select a poem from the list of authors at We'll hold a school competition on January 23rd during lunch. One winner will go on to the regional competition in February and be on their way to winning $50,000 in scholarship money, not to mention being able to state they were their school's winner on college applications.

Students must select 1 poem of 25 lines or fewer and 1 poem written before the 20th century. If you need a recitation coach ask Mrs. Miles for recommendations.

More information can be found in the library.

Check out last year's winner: