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Khan Academy has thousands of tutorial videos for everything from differential equations to calculating force. Browse by subject to find useful videos on whatever you're struggling with.

Tutor.com is a one-stop-shop for help in any subject. With this site you'll be able to chat with a live tutor for FREE, anytime, day or night. You will need an Atlanta Fulton County Public Library Card Number to access.

SAT Prep

Free Practice Tests and Skills Assessment to determine your weaknesses.

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Flashcards, Practice Questions and Strategies

GA College 411

I Need a Pencil
Free Lessons and Full Practice Exams. You will need to sign up to get access.

Full Study Guides that break down each section. Skip to the ads and click on Study Guides. This site is especially useful in tackling the Writing Section.

Progress Reports, Email Reminders, Tutorials and Full Exams. You will need to sign-up to gain access.

Khan Academy
Tutorial Videos geared specifically towards the Math Section of the SAT. https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/sat-math

Study on the Go with these Free SAT Apps for your Smartphone

IntelliVocab lite for SAT
By Faqden Labs
If you struggle with vocabulary, and hate vocab flashcards like nobody's business, then this app is just your thing. It's adaptable, meaning it uses algorithms and web semantics to figure out the best way to quiz you.

Ace the SAT
By Emrecan Dogan
This app is specifically designed for the Math section of the SAT, although many of the users are clamoring for more! Here, Ace the SAT estimates your score based on your performance.

SAT Connect Free
By Watermelon Express
7 diagnostic tests, 4,000 words, over 1,000 fully-explained test questions and a ton more. Not only will you get real-time feedback, approximate SAT scores and time performance, you'll also get a baseline percentile compared to other app users.

ACT Prep

ACT Student
Download the Free Prep Guide from the Test producer, here.

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GA College 411
Test Prep resources. You will need to use your login to gain access.

The Army’s Online Test Prep center. You will need to sign up to gain access.

Internet 4 Classrooms
You will need to sign up, but you will get access to flash cards, quizzes and more.

Test Guide
Description: C:\Users\sxmiles\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\8B2TN2MO\MC900310820[1].wmfPractice Exams, Strategies and Tips

Test Prep Practice
Overview, Practice Exams and more.

Study on the Go with these Free SAT Apps for your Smartphone

Created by the ACT, this application helps students prepare with practice items, scores and feedback to answers. A link to the ACT’s mobile site offers answers to FAQs about the test.

Brightstorm ACT Prep features 29 mini-lessons by Devorah - a test prep expert and published author who had perfect scores on both the SAT and the ACT!