Monday, December 16, 2013

They were Black?

How Stuff Works, just did a fantastic article on lineage where they listed 10 People You Probably Didn't Know Were Black. How about the author of the Count of Monte Cristo? Soledad O'Brien? Check out where history meets the one-drop rule.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Out of Skin

Anime club will resume in the Spring, but for all of you Comic Book buffs, why don't you whet your appetites for all the new graphic novel orders with a few web comics. Out of Skin is fantastic.

Poetry Out Loud

Get Ready! This year's Poetry Out Loud competition will be held towards the end of January. The holiday break is a great time to practice. Here are the rules:
Student Eligibility
  • Grade Level: Only currently enrolled  students in grades 9-12 are eligible, with an exception made for 8th-grade students participating in a 9th- through 12th-grade class.
  • Citizenship: Competitors at the state and national finals must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a valid tax identification or Social Security number. Tax identification or Social Security numbers are required to receive prizes, including cash payments or travel awards. Students are responsible for verifying their eligibility.
  • State Finals: A student may not advance to the state finals without competing in a lower-level competition. 
Poem Eligibility
  • Poem Anthology: All poems must be selected from the Poetry Out Loud print or online anthology, which is updated every summer. Check the website after September 1, 2013, to view the official POL anthology for the current school year.
  • Can’t Find a Poem? Poems may be removed from the online anthology before September 1, 2013. These poems are no longer eligible for competition, unless they are in the print anthology.
  • Poem Criteria: At the state and national finals, students must have 3 poems prepared. One must be 25 lines or fewer, and one must be written before the 20th century. The same poem may be used to meet both criteria, and may be the student’s third poem.  More information...

Here is the video of last year's winner:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Parent-Student Book Club

It’s common knowledge that reading to a child helps them perform better in school. Bedtime stories become treasured childhood memories, but at some point we stop reading to our kids and we lose something in that. Gain it back by reading and discussing books with your Teen. You’ll have an opportunity to see how they think, offer advice and insight, and the best part is, it’s fun!

Check out these titles that can be read together and then check out our list of companion titles.

Companion Titles are books that are similar in theme and content so you can share new things with your reading partner.

Single Titles

Freakonomics by: Steven D. Leavitt (330 LEV)

Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? How much do parents really matter? Leavitt studies the riddles of everyday life—from cheating and crime to parenting and sports—and reaches conclusions that turn conventional wisdom on its head.
After you’ve read: Discuss whether the research seems to be true. What would you like to dig deeper into if you had the time?

Letters to a Young Sister by Hill Harper (170.8.4 GLA)

Each chapter is a letter beginning with an uplifting quote and post-scripted with a question posed via email (the formatting is lifted whole) and answered by a famous, successful woman like Nikki Giovanni, Michelle Obama, Ruby Dee and Eve. Writing in a conversational style, Harper focuses on a variety of different issues loosely grouped into topics like blues, love, family relationships, saving money and appreciating life (though not overly religious, Harper isn't shy with his beliefs).
After you’ve read: Discuss what issues girls that you know go through. How can the advice you’ve read help. Did any of the essays miss the mark?

Fences by: August Wilson (812 WIL)
The protagonist of Fences (part of Wilson’s ten-part “Pittsburgh Cycle” plays), Troy Maxson, is a strong man, a hard man. He has had to be to survive. But the1950s are yielding to the new spirit of liberation in the 1960s... a spirit that is changing the world Troy Maxson has learned to deal with the only way he can...a spirit that is making him a stranger, angry and afraid, in a world he never knew and to a wife and son he understands less and less.
After you’ve read: Discuss how pressures of the world can affect family life? Are there any pressures outside the home in politics or society affecting your home life?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Research Projects Galore

Projects can be fun or a pain, depending on whether or not you get to really choose how to present. Well, shout out to Dr. Hoover, because her classes are free to choose how they present for this semester's research projects. Now comes the hard part: putting the thing together.

Fear nor, dear student!

Video tutorials are here to save the day. Check out this tutorial for Weebly and all the others I've listed below.

We Video for Movie Making -

Using Audacity for Podcasting -

If you're interested in more, check out our Vimeo page via the link on the right side of the page.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Fair

The Book Fair is available online now at Please feel free to stop by as often as you like between now and November 12th, and encourage your friends to do the same. The holidays are just around the corner.

Get a pass from your favorite Book Club Member and visit October 28 - November 1st.

Elie Wiesel's Night Pathfinder


Altman, Linda Jacobs. Hidden teens, hidden lives: primary sources from the Holocaust. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2010. Print. (In Media Center)
Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. Hitler Youth: growing up in Hitler's shadow. New York: Scholastic Nonfiction, 2005. Print. (In Media Center)
Berenbaum, Michael. Elie Wiesel: God, the Holocaust, and the children of Israel. West Orange, N.J.: Behrman House, 1994. Print.
Bloom, Harold. Elie Wiesel's Night. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2001. Print.

Zullo, Allan. Escape: children of the Holocaust. New York: Scholastic, 2009. Print.


Schwarz, Daniel R. "The Ethics Of Reading Elie Wiesel's Night." Style 32.2 (1998): 221. Literary Reference Center. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. 
Cohen, Boaz, and Rita Horváth. "Young Witnesses In The Dp Camps: Children's Holocaust Testimony In Context." Journal Of Modern Jewish Studies 11.1 (2012): 103-125. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Oct. 2013.
Anderson, Mark M. "The Child Victim As Witness To The Holocaust: An American Story?." Jewish Social Studies 14.1 (2007): 1-22.Sociological Collection. Web. 24 Oct. 2013.


Holocaust            Jew        Jewish  World War II      Genocide  Nazi  Ghetto   Concentration Camp                   

Web Sites

"Introduction to the Holocaust." United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. <>.
"Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum." Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. <>.
"America and The Holocaust." PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. <>.

"Elie Wiesel Biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. <>.

For Further Research start with GALILEO ( and then move on to Google Books (

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Movie Editing with WeVideo

This basic tutorial will show you how to use to edit your movies and clips. You can create a slideshow or mash up several videos quickly and easily.

Teen Sex: It's Complicated

Huff Post Teen is fantastic! And, if you aren't reading it you're missing out. Don't let this amazing series written by teens like you pass you by. If you're interested in writing for our blog you can always email your submissions to samediacenter at gmail .com.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Go Animate Tutorial

This is a short tutorial that will give you the basic skills needed to create a bare bones animation. As always, let me know if you have questions.

Agenda App for Students

Need an app that will help you stay organized and keep you on top of your grades? Check out the Grades 3 App available for Android and Apple. It's just $1.99, but may be worth it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month 9/15 to 10/15

Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month - Viva Latina!

Books (available for checkout)
Alegría, Malín. Sofi Mendoza's guide to getting lost in Mexico. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2007. Print.
Calcines, Eduardo F.. Leaving Glorytown: one boy's struggle under Castro. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 2009. Print.
Carlson, Lori M., Manuel Ortiz, and Flavio Morais. Voices in first person: reflections on Latino identity. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2008. Print.
Castañeda, Jorge G.. Ex Mex: from migrants to immigrants. New York: New Press :, 2007. Print.
Hill, Laban Carrick. America dreaming: how youth changed America in the sixties. New York, N.Y.: Little, Brown & Co., 2007. Print.
Kallen, Stuart A.. Che Guevara: you win or you die. Minneapolis, MN: Twenty-First Century Books, 2013. Print.
Márquez, Gabriel. One hundred years of solitude. New York: Harper & Row, 1970. Print.
Sanchez, Reymundo, and Sonia Rodriguez. Lady Q the rise and fall of a Latin queen. Chicago, Ill.: Chicago Review Press, 2008. Print.
Sáenz, Benjamin Alire. Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood. El Paso, TX: Cinco Puntos Press, 2004. Print.
Serros, Michele. Scandalosa!. NY: Simon Pulse Teen Fiction, 2007. Print.

Smithsonian - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage, People & Places
In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, discusses the changing demographics of the United States, talks with comedian George Lopez on humor and race, remembers a historic Little League Baseball team and highlights the food of Hispanic culture.

Library of Congress - Hispanic Heritage Month
Images, exhibits, audio, and video. - Hispanic Heritage Month
Brief biographies, photo gallery, classroom resources, trivia game, and more.

Gale, Cengage Learning - Hispanic Heritage
Activities, biographies, music, timeline, and quiz

Smithsonian - Hispanic Heritage Cultural Tour
Virtual tour, timeline, activities, quiz, and resources
Lesson Plans

Common Visions, Common Voices
Students in grades 9-12 analyze similarities and differences between cultures by investigating themes and motifs found in literature or visual arts.

Five Artists of the Mexican Revolution
Students in grades 9-12 research the events and personalities of the Mexican Revolution.
Smithsonian Education - Hispanic Heritage Teaching Resources
Lessons for grades K-12.

PBS Teachers - Cultural Studies: Latino American/Chicano Studies
Lessons, activities, interactives, and videos for grades 6-12.

EDSITEment - National Hispanic Heritage Month
Four lessons for grades 6-12, plus recommended websites and background information.


  1. Identify ten Hispanic Americans who have made significant contributions to culture, literature, science, and government in Georgia and create a timeline of their accomplishments. Research the life and contributions of one of the Americans chosen and describe the nature and motivation for their contributions to the United States.
  2. Using demographic graphs and charts, identify the major areas in Georgia where there are concentrations of Hispanic populations. Research why people of Hispanic origin have chosen to congregate in those areas of Georgia.
  3. Using historical data and primary resources, create a model of life in Spanish Florida, in the 1700’s. How have those early Spanish influences had an impact upon life in Florida today?

Banned Books Week at South Atlanta

Read the Full Article at TalkUpAPS:

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Google +

Have you connected with us on all of our social networks? We're on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but we're most excited about Google + where we'll be broadcasting live from time to time.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 25th at Noon. We'll broadcast our Danger! Black Men Reading luncheon and virtual read out for Banned Books Week.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oyster Launches Spotify for Ebooks

Just can't get enough ebooks? Try this new app. It's great for all of you guys who are riding the bus with nothing to read or do.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Scholarship Texts

Sign up for Scholarship texts and receive scholarship updates right to your phone.

Text @satlmoney to 678-952-2084. 

You can also access scholarship info on twitter @satlantahigh.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

US History Pathfinder - Cato

Keywords:  Frederick Douglas, John Roth, Chief Powhatan, Benjamin Franklin, William Lloyd Garrison,  Virginia Colony, Colonization, Early American Settlements,  Thirteen Colonies

(ebook) Why did English settlers come to Virginia? and other questions about the Jamestown settlement by: Candice Ransom
(ebook) Frederick Douglass fugitive slave and abolitionist / [electronic resource] :by Vander Hook, Sue
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass

Annals of American History includes the full text of primary documents in American history, including historical accounts, speeches, memoirs, poems, editorials, landmark court decisions, and cultural criticism. This resource also has multimedia files, including hundreds of images and video and audio clips of famous speeches.

GALILEO Password: clear
Access ebooks by visiting the school catalog at the library website:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Strategies for the Paperless Classroom

 In light of the fact that we are now in the black hole of dead copiers it may behoove us to move toward the paperless classroom. Most of our students have internet access at home and nearly all have a cell phone with internet access. Websites like Edmodo, Evernote and Quizlet all have Android and Apple apps that can be downloaded to their phones and used outside of class.

Exposure to the paperless classroom allows you and your students to:
·         Increase technology use in the classroom
·         Be exposed to the 21st century classroom
·         Increase discussion and free response
·         Increase opportunities for collaboration

Here are a few tips:

ü  Watch “The Paperless Classroom” Tutorial on Vimeo. I created it just for you!
ü  Implement one or all of the following:
o   Have students review Cornell Notes and effective note-taking. View the online tutorial or assign it for homework here:
o   Use Edmodo or Quizlet for weekly quizzes
o   Present PowerPoints via
o   Have students Blog via instead of turning in Discussion Questions or short free response
o   Use a document camera instead of making copies
o   Scan book chapters or excerpts to your Flash Drive and then upload them to Google Drive or Edmodo
o   Record class discussions and small group discussion with the iPad or using a student’s cell phone
o   Have students create digital portfolios, record short bits of lecture and take snapshots of powerpoint slides with Evernote

Friday, August 2, 2013

Media Center Orientation (Teachers)

If you missed the training, please click through the presentation and leave your answer to this question in the comments section:

How will the new student access policies negatively or positively impact your classes?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're on GoodReads!

Just because it is Summertime that doesn't mean that Book Club ends. We can get a jump on the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl and connect about all the other cool books we're reading while we're lounging on the beach or on the couch under the frosty A/C.

Join and connect with us. I'll personally be posting about all the books I'm catching up on and I definitely want to see what you've got going. Click below to join!

Join the Book Club!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Reading!

It's time for Summer Reading!

Take a little time to look at the list of required and "Just for Fun" titles.

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl 2013-2014

Are you ready?
The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is a reading competition held each year based on the books on the Georgia Peach Awards Nomination List.

Becoming an HRRB team member is fun AND a great resume builder.

Take a look at the titles and pick a few to read over the Summer.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Backpack - Student Emails

Student Email Addresses have come to Atlanta Public Schools. To access your or your student's email account you can click the link below. Students will need to obtain their email address from their science instructor. You'll need to sign-in once with the generic password: Password! and then create a new one.

Make sure your password is unique, but easy to remember.

Click this link to Access My Backpack
Reset Password by Clicking on the Link below:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Format an APA paper

Formatting an APA Paper from samediacenter on Vimeo.

This tutorial will show you how to format your APA Paper the RIGHT way. It's long, at about ten minutes, but it is worth it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hornet Literary Magazine

Do you want to be famous?
Live forever?

You should see your name in print!

If you have a :

  • Poem
  • Short Story
  • Personal Essay
  • Short Form Play
  • Sample of Your Photography

Submit it to: with the subject line: Magazine

Deadline is April 15th!