Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Strategies for the Paperless Classroom

 In light of the fact that we are now in the black hole of dead copiers it may behoove us to move toward the paperless classroom. Most of our students have internet access at home and nearly all have a cell phone with internet access. Websites like Edmodo, Evernote and Quizlet all have Android and Apple apps that can be downloaded to their phones and used outside of class.

Exposure to the paperless classroom allows you and your students to:
·         Increase technology use in the classroom
·         Be exposed to the 21st century classroom
·         Increase discussion and free response
·         Increase opportunities for collaboration

Here are a few tips:

ü  Watch “The Paperless Classroom” Tutorial on Vimeo. I created it just for you! https://vimeo.com/72742490
ü  Implement one or all of the following:
o   Have students review Cornell Notes and effective note-taking. View the online tutorial or assign it for homework here: https://vimeo.com/40289989
o   Use Edmodo or Quizlet for weekly quizzes
o   Present PowerPoints via Slideshare.net
o   Have students Blog via Blogspot.com instead of turning in Discussion Questions or short free response
o   Use a document camera instead of making copies
o   Scan book chapters or excerpts to your Flash Drive and then upload them to Google Drive or Edmodo
o   Record class discussions and small group discussion with the iPad or using a student’s cell phone
o   Have students create digital portfolios, record short bits of lecture and take snapshots of powerpoint slides with Evernote