Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whiz Kid Named the Lebron James of Chess

A quick glance at Justus Williams and he looks like a typical 12-year-old. He's quiet, loves Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne, and wears the latest and greatest Air Jordan's. However, don't get fooled. Justus isn't typical at all.

He's an internationally ranked chess master -- the youngest black chess master ever. Justus started playing the game while in an after school program called Chess in the Schools. He's confident, but it's not unwarranted. His chess skills have taken him to Brazil, Canada and Greece.

It's not uncommon to find him challenging and beating opponents four and five times his age.

Justus and his family hope his success in chess will help others experiment outside their comfort zones. They're spreading the word through a campaign called "Dare to be Different." More

The "Dare to be Different" campaign encourages kids to explore paths to success that are unconventional, chess vs. basketball or writing prose vs. hip hop. What's exceptional about you? Are you interested in something that not too many people are pursuing? Tell us about it.