Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Integrate Technology

To ensure that students are immersed in 21st Century learning there is usually a knee-jerk reaction where teachers believe that they'll have to always be in the computer lab or have an iPad cart at the ready at all times. Untrue! Check out these simple ideas to make your room tech savvy.

   Backchanneling - This refers to online feedback from your class. Using post-it notes as exit tickets are a low-tech version of back channeling. Use technology to get feedback from your students during or after class utilizing sites like or This allows the student to use an iPad, an in class computer or their smartphone to answer questions, post questions or make comments. 

   Collaborative Note Taking - While the Sage on the Stage may be losing traction in US classrooms, we still need lecture and students still need to take notes. You can streamline the process by using just one of your computers in the classroom or a laptop. Designate a student as the note-taker for the class and allow them type the notes in a Google Document. Google Docs will allow multiple users to edit a single document. All you need to do is send the link out or post on your website for students to review later. Check out this video tutorial on how to get started. 

   Audiobooks - "Listen and Learn" is a new initiative at South Atlanta and by assigning or using podcasts and audiobooks in your classroom you can help students who may not be reading at grade level engage with great texts. You'll also be able to assign them individually or as group work by accessing them through the catalog and utilizing a few iPads.

   QR Codes - Post videos, instructions, your syllabus or other materials around the classroom. Students or visitors can use their smartphones to access the line. Check out this video tutorial on how to get started .