Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Student Peer Review

As the end of the year approaches final projects and papers are almost due. In an effort to integrate technology AND foster more peer collaboration and innovation I invite you to add peer reviews, and to make the process easier I’ve created an online template using Google Docs.

By using the template you’ll be able to get a spreadsheet of the peer evaluations and keep them anonymous. To make the process even simpler, I suggest asking students to only evaluate 2-3 papers/projects. Getting started is simple:

1.       Log in to Google Docs. If you have a gmail account then use that login. If you don’t you can sign up easily. https://docs.google.com/
2.       Generate a Form using the “Final Project Peer Review” template by clicking on the link above.
3.       Modify the form if you like or use “as is”. Click “view live form” in the toolbar.
4.       Share the link for the “view live form” with your students.
a.       Check out the iPads and let students use those to evaluate, or
b.      Print a paper ballot and have students use your classroom computers to input their responses, or
c.       Create a QR code and allow students to use their phones to access the form and complete it.
5.       Go to your Google Docs homepage to see the responses, an additional spreadsheet will have already been created. You can download the sheet in excel or as a pdf.

Peer evaluation:
·         Fosters collaboration
·         Encourages positive peer pressure

·         Empowers students to take responsibility for their own work